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“The Final PIT”

Phoenix Dance Competition brings you a true FINALS event unlike any other.

JULY 25-30, 2023

273 Power St, Penticton, BC V2A 7K9

Phoenix Nationals


Complimentary Workshop classes with the adjudicators

Fully catered buffet style meals

Pick up from venue to hotel in style

Something for the kids and something for the adults

A Solo title competition that is completely different than any other

Dinner and a show featuring an opening number with our titlists, showcases and performances and our FINAL PIT showdown

Come experience an exceptional national’s event of dance. Space will be limited so register now. Solo title soloists will participate in the adjudicated audition classes, judges’ interview, and compete with their solos to determine the TOP 5 in each division. Click here to find out more.

Phoenix Nationals


1. Deadline for National entries must be received by March 31st, 2023. (Title Solo Registrations Excluded. Deadline for Title Solo Registration: June 1st)
2. 50% deposit of registration balance must be received upon registration confirmation and the remaining balance is due 30 days prior to start date.
3. You must have attended a REGIONAL event and scored a minimum of 88% to be eligible to qualify and attend Phoenix Nationals.
4. Phoenix reserves the right to cancel any competition or move a competition to another date due to unforeseen circumstances.
5. Phoenix reserves the right to add/subtract days to the stated 2023 tour dates and nationals if deemed necessary.
6. Any changes made to entries after the FINALIZED SCHEDULE has been sent out is subject to a $10.00 fee per change.
7. Phoenix will charge a mandatory event fee for all participating dancers.
8. PHOENIX reserves the right to limit, reject, correct, cancel or refuse registrations, and to terminate or change the dates, format and/or location of event(s), in its discretion, including, without limitation, if the Company believes that there is an insufficient number of registrants for the event(s).

Phoenix Nationals




MINI/JUNIOR (11 & under)
TEEN (12-14)
SENIOR (15 & up)


1. You must be a TOP 3 PIT SOLOIST at any one of our Regional Events*****
2. If there was not a minimum of 3 soloists in a division from your regional events, that soloist must achieve an average mark of 88% from their highest and lowest scoring solos to enter the Nationals.
3. If you were a chosen “wild card” for the Pit Solos at your regional, you are eligible to enter.
4. Phoenix has the right to change the rules of the SOLO TITLE PIT if there are not enough registrations. Soloists with an average score of 88% or higher from their highest and lowest scoring solo will be eligible in this case. This will be determined by the solo discretion of the Phoenix director. All participating studios will be notified.
5. Contestants must attend all convention classes. (Convention fees are included in Title Soloist Entry Cost).
6. The Nationals will work the same as the regionals. You must have a minimum of 3 solos to enter the Nationals.
7. Contestants will be required to take three audition classes. Ballet class is mandatory, and contestants may choose two of the following: Jazz, Contemporary/Lyrical, Hip Hop or Tap classes will be offered. Contestants may take all audition classes. If a contestant chooses to take all classes, their lowest score, between jazz, tap & contemporary/lyrical will be dropped. The 3 scores will be averaged to determine final score.

Ballet classes require solid Black leotard, pink tights to be worn, hair in a bun, no jewelry.

Male contestants to wear solid white t-shirt, black pants or shorts.

Contestants may choose appropriate attire for jazz/contemporary/lyrical/tap classes. No loose clothing or jewelry.

Appropriate shoes must be worn for each audition class.

8. The soloists with the TOP 5 averages in each division of their:

A) Combined highest and lowest scoring solo average
B) Audition classes
C) Judges interview

will listen to judges critiques LIVE and perform one final time during the GALA for our Solo Title Winner in each division.
9. There will be no “Wild Card” chosen for the Nationals.
10. There is a minimum and maximum of 3 solos allowed to enter.


Contestants must be prepared for an Interview with the adjudicators. Please dress in semi formal attire. There will also be a mandatory Phoenix Photo Shoot all the Contestants must participate with an on camera meet & greet. Contestants must take part in mandatory rehearsals & performance for the Gala Opening Number.
Contestants can compete a different solo in the Nationals competition from what they chose to perform in the REGIONAL PIT Competition.

Contestants will be adjudicated on their Solo Titles (Average of the highest and lowest scoring solo), Interview and Convention Classes. *Unlike the regionals, solo scores will NOT be posted during the Nationals for the solo titles. The TOP 5 finalists in each division will be revealed once again during the PIT REVEAL.


·      SASH, CROWN and TROPHY (1st, 1st runner up, 2nd runner up)
·      Cash Award:
1st $500
Opportunity to perform at next year’s PIT GALA and assist the master classes.

2nd $250
3rd $150

1st $1000
Opportunity to perform at next year’s PIT GALA and assist the master classes.
2nd $500
3rd $250

1st $1000
Opportunity to perform at next year’s PIT GALA and assist the master classes.
2nd $500
3rd $250

All winners and runner ups will receive a FREE copy of their photos from the photo shoot.

For more details regarding our NATIONAL Title competition please contact



MINI/JUNIOR (11 & under)
TEEN/SENIOR (12 & up)


1.  GROUP PIT WINNERS at one of our Regional Events automatically qualify to compete in the Group NATIONAL PIT.
2. Each studio’s top scoring GROUP in the final’s competition (competitive/elite divisions ONLY) will have the chance to also compete in the FINALS PIT. If one of your other groups from nationals beat out the qualifying group mark from the regional’s competition, the group that beat it will take its place.


Each studios top scoring group (competitive/elite division ONLY) will listen to the judges’ feedback and critiques in the PIT REVEAL before performing in the final PIT showdown. Scores for groups WILL be posted throughout the competition.



Cash Award:
1st $1000
Invitation to perform live at the next PIT Nationals

2nd $500
3rd $250

NOTE: There must be 5 or more in each category to Award 3rd to 1st. If there are not 5 entries, a WINNER TAKES ALL will occur.

·      For more details regarding our PIT GROUP NATIONALS competition please contact

Phoenix Nationals

Phoenix GALA

Our Phoenix GALA will happen on the final day of the Nationals competition. This is a formal dinner and show experience. The GALA will consist of the TITLE SOLOISTS opening number, Solo Title & Group PIT Competition, show case performances from our workshops, guest performances, Overalls and Grand Awards.

Tickets will be released on June 1st, 2023.
All tickets must be purchased online.

Tickets includes:
– Dinner
– Title Winner Performances and PIT Group Performances
– Live Performances
– Open Bar Parents Night
– Gala Awards
– PIT Soloist & Group winners

This will be formal event,
Space is limited in the Main Ballroom. Once all seats have been reserved, a second room with live streaming of the GALA will be made.


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