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Phoenix Dance Competition is the dance competition reborn. Stripped down and built back up with every little detail catered towards your studio and your dancers. We treat you like gold – and nothing less. We have listened to your feedback and now we are delivering the competition YOU are asking for.

From separate part- time competitive awards, to our new scoring system with deductions for in appropriate costumes and music, added tricks, etc. A competition must be held accountable to the standards it says it’s going to uphold. And it’s time.

Phoenix Dance will break down and build up your dancers in only a positive and inspiring environment with the utmost professionalism and with the most distinguished adjudicators in the industry. That’s a promise.

We provide a platform where your dancers will have the chance to learn from their mistakes and successes; win awards and cash scholarships in multiple dance categories and divisions and compete in “The Pit”.

“The Pit” is a final challenge where each studio’s top scoring group (Mini/Junior and Teen/Senior) will have the chance to participate in our challenge for an ultimate grand prize! These groups will be critiqued live from the judges and will hear all their corrections to perform again. As well as our “Phoenix Title Competition” whereby the top 3 soloists in each division with 3 or more solos with the highest average of their Highest and lowest score (because we are only as good as our weaknesses) will compete with the solo of their choice to be awarded the “Phoenix Solo Title Winner”.

We invite everyone to experience the Phoenix Dance Competition and rise to their fullest potential.



Mike Rhodes

Mike Rhodes



Master of Ceremonies
Amanda Hurst

Amanda Hurst

Back Stage Manager


Back Stage Manager


Back Stage Manager

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As we move forward into our preparations for the 2021 season, Phoenix Dance Competition staff is fully committed to your safety and the well-being of our performers and attendees. In the coming year, as rules and heath regulations adjust, so will we. Due to the ever changing climate of Covid-19, we ask in advance for your patience and understanding if/when our guidelines become modified at any point before or during the upcoming season.

Below, we have established both general guidelines as well as identified other guidelines that could potentially come into play in certain 2021 cities. We will directly contact with studio owners regarding any specific guideline alterations at their registered event.

  • The main stage, dressing rooms and any other high-contact areas will be cleaned and sanitized frequently throughout the event.
  • Masks are recommended to be worn at all times by attendees and performers (unless otherwise required by venue or mandate).
  • Dance Competition staff will be REQUIRED to wear masks at all times.
  • Dance Competition staff will be REQUIRED to have daily temperature and symptom checks.
  • If you or anyone you’ve been in contact with has been exposed to Covid-19 within a 14 day window of the event, and/or you are feeling ill or are exhibiting symptoms, we ask you refrain from attending the event.
  • It is recommended that all attendees check their temperature daily (unless otherwise required by venue or mandate to enter the event).
  • We kindly ask you limit the number of friends/family that attend the event as audience members. Those in high-risk categories are not recommended to attend (including but not limited to those over sixty-five years of age, those who are pregnant or may be pregnant and those with compromised immune systems).
  • Audiences will be socially distanced as required by the local and state laws and venue regulations.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the venue.  Please use them frequently and wash hands thoroughly throughout the day soap and warm water.  Attendees are also encouraged to bring their own sanitizer as well. 
  • Please wash hands frequently and thoroughly throughout the day with soap and warm water. It is also recommended to refrain from touching your eyes, nose and mouth as much as possible.
  • We kindly ask you limit dressing room areas to necessary performers and designated representatives of the studio only. As in past seasons, studios will be assigned specific dressing rooms.
  • As in past seasons, staff WILL NOT be permitted to touch any props.
  • Judges WILL NOT deduct points from any performer on stage wearing masks, gloves or any other health and safety articles. In addition, judges WILL NOT deduct points if your studio opts to not wear costumes (and rather chooses to wear a uniform look). If you or your studio has chosen to perform in costume, it is highly recommended that all dancers arrive in their first costume, hair and makeup ready if possible.
  • Award ceremonies will be socially distanced with one representative from each studio accepting each award.
  • Only performers and those assisting in each routine will be permitted backstage. All essential backstage non-performers will be required to wear a face covering.


Local mandates may change as we progress through our season. Thus, the following guidelines may or may not come into effect.

  • Masks and temperature checks could become mandatory for both attendees and performers.
  • If any new mandates arise, and we become limited in costume changes, all routines will receive a perfect costume score.
  • Attendees (audience members) per studio could become limited.
  • Block scheduling may be required for studios in attendance (with scheduled arrival and departure times).
  • In the event of block scheduling, mini-award shows could announce general adjudication after each block. Overall awards could be live streamed online at the conclusion of the final day of competition.

Additional updates or specific changes to policy will be directly communicated with the studio owner prior to the event and updated on this document.

We thank you for your positivity as our team is working vigorously to maintain all CDC guidelines and city mandated health standards.

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