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Scoring and Awards

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Performances will be judged by a panel of 3 judges and will be calculated based on the following elements and averaged out to determine score.

Execution/Precision 0

Technique/Skills 0

Performance/Stage Presence 0

Choreography/Creativity 0

Costume/Appearance 0

Scoring System

Platinum Phoenix:

Diamond Phoenix:

Elite Gold Phoenix:
85 – 89.9

Gold Phoenix:
80 – 84.99

Silver Phoenix:
75 – 79.9

Deduction System

We are excited to introduce our deduction system to the competition world that will keep the highest standard possible to a competition event.

These will be applied to the final scores. Deductions are as followed.

Costume – Such as but not limited to: in appropriate costume or appearance.
-1 Point

Music – Such as but not limited to: Clean versions with insinuations/age in appropriateness.
-1 Point

Choreography – Such as but not limited to: In appropriate choreography/movement
-1 Point

Improper Placement of routine – For ex, Sarah has a Competitive Jazz solo and she is in Pre-Competitive Duet.
-1 Point

Too many tricks where not permitted – please see dance genres.
-1 Point

*Multiple deductions could be given. All decisions will be final from the
judging panel


At Phoenix Dance Competition, we believe every dancer should want to strive to be better and do better, and always continue to challenge themselves to be the best version of themselves possible.


Dancers will receive a Phoenix ribbon and pin in their scoring placement.
1st – 3rd will be awarded and announced and will receive a Phoenix Medallion. (Must be 3 entries in category)

All Groups/Lines/Productions

All dancers will receive a placement ribbon in their scoring placement.
1st – 3rd will be awarded with a Phoenix pin. (Must be 3 entries in category)


Solos Duos/Trios Groups/Lines



(1st, 2nd 3rd)

Per division (divisions can be combined based on entries)

11 and under

12 years and up









Pre – Competitive

(1st , 2nd, 3rd)

Per Division (divisions can be combined based on entries)


11 Years and under

12 Years and up










Competitive & Elite  (1st , 2nd, 3rd) *separated by age

8 and under, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17+


*Ages can be combined based on discretion

Competitive & Elite  (1st – 5th)

11 and under 

12 -14 Years

15 and up


*Novice Overalls will be determined based on the number of entries in each category (solos/duo/trios/groups) 

*  3+ entries – 1st overall only
Competitive & Elite Division ONLY
 Duos/Trios & Groups
* 5 – 9 entries Top 3
* 10 + entries Top 5

Overall Cash Awards

Competitive and Elite (combined)
1st  Overall Solo, Duos/Trio, Groups *** Must be 10+ entries in each category for cash award.


*Productions can be combined if not enough entries to determine a 1st overall with cash prize.
*Must be a minimum of 10 entries per category for cash awards
*Overall groups/lines will be awarded either trophy(1st) or plaque(2nd-5th).

Top Phoenix Awards

Top Division 

Top 3 Pre Competitive – trophy
Top 3 Competitive – trophy
Top 3 Elite –  trophy

*Phoenix has the right to change based on numbers

Top Genre
Top Jazz
Top Lyrical/Contemporary
Top Hip Hop
Top Tap
Top Acro/Open
Top Musical Theatre/Song & Dance
Top Ballet/Pointe

Phoenix will also award judges choice awards per session and a TOP CHOREOGRAPHY AWARD of the entire competition, as well as several scholarships.

Phoenix Title Winner

To qualify as a Phoenix Title Competitor, a soloist must have 3+ solos to enter. (additional fees apply to enter)

The highest solo and the lowest solo will be averaged to determine the top 3 soloists per division. (Next highest solo determines a tie.)

These soloists will listen to live critique from the judges with their solo of choice to compete again in “The Pit” for a winner takes all battle.

Phoenix Title Winner – Mini, Junior, Teen, Senior
Title Winner – Cash Award & Phoenix Solo Title Winner Jacket

*Mini/Junior and Teen/Senior can be combined if not enough entries
*Competitive & Elite division only

“The Pit” Challenge

Each studios top scoring group will dance again for a winner takes all battle.

“The Pit” Phoenix Challenge – Mini/Junior & Teen/Senior
1st Place – Cash Award and Studio Banner

*Competitive and Elite entries only
*Pre Competitive may qualify if 75% entries are pre comp.

Top Studio Award

This award will be given to the studio with the highest average of the Top 10 highest scores.

Top Small Studio Award – Trophy & Cash Prize
Top Large Studio Award – Trophy & Cash Prize

*To qualify as a small studio, studio must have under 60 entries.
* If not enough entries, Small & Large Studio will be combined

*There must be a total of 10 studios to award BOTH a Top Small & Top Large Studio
* If there are not enough to total the top 10 scores, the studio with the highest mark of the competition will be awarded.

To qualify for Top Studio, a studio must register 20 routines for any one venue with at least 5 groups in competitions over 200 entries. Phoenix reserves the right to adjust based on enrolment of numbers.