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Rules and Regulations

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Categories, Divisions & Dance Styles


Category # of dancers Time
Solo 1 3 min
Duo/Trio 2 to 3 3 min
Small group 4 to 9 4 min
Large group 10 to 15 4 min
Lines 16+ 5 min
Production 20+ 10 min
(please let us know if you need more time)


Mini – 6 to 8 years
Junior – 9 to 11 years
Teen – 12 to 14 years
Senior – 15 to 18 years
Adult – 19+ years

Phoenix Dance age visions are determined by calculating the average age of performers as of December 31, 2018. Add all the ages and divide by the number of performers. Drop the decimal. If a routine consists of dancers ages 9-17, the routine cannot compete in a division one level lower than the oldest member in the routine. (productions excluded).

Novice – 1st year competitive dance

  • 1st time soloists. (Might have competed before in a Duo/Trio and or group.
  • All members of Duo/trio must qualify as Novice.
  • All members of any group/line/production must qualify as novice.
  • Maximum age for Novice is 16 years.

Pre Competitive – 2nd to 3rd year competitive dance who train less than 6 hours per week.

  • All members of Duo/Trio must qualify as Pre-Competitive and train less than 6 hours per week.
  • 100% of all Group/Line/Production members must be Pre –Competitive.

Competitive – 4 to 5 years competitive dance who train less than 10 hours per week.

  • 75% of Group/Line/Production members must qualify as competitive. For ex, you can move a dancer from pre comp to comp, but not vice versa.
  • Solo, Duo/Trio entries must be 100% competitive.

Elite – 6+ Years of competitive dance who train 10+ hours per week.

  • 75% of all Group/Line/production members must qualify as elite. For ex, you can move a competitive dancer to elite in a group.
  • Solo, Duo/Trio entries must be 100% elite.

Professional – an entry that either choreographed their own performance or  gets paid to dance. Not eligible for Overalls

Dance Styles


This routine must contain jazz movement and techniques. Limit of 2 acro tricks allowed. Rolling not considered a trick.


This routine must contain tap movement and technique with no pre recorded tap sounds. Limit of 2 tricks allowed.


This routine must contain ballet movement and technique. No tricks allowed.

Character Ballet

This routine must contain ballet technique and movement portraying a character or theme. No tricks allowed.


This routine must be performed in Pointe Shoes with ballet movement. No tricks allowed.

Song and Dance

This routine consists of live vocal performance incorporated with dance movement. Studio must provide own head set. Limit of 2 tricks allowed.

Musical Theatre

This routine can be any style of dance while lip syncing and using interpretative movement, acting and/or props. Limit of 2 tricks allowed.


This routine must contain ballet and jazz technique and movement and portray emotion. Max of 2 tricks allowed. Rolling is not a trick. Hand stand / cartwheels are tricks. Lifts are not tricks.


This routine must contain technique with free range of motion and style with emotion. Only 2 tricks allowed. Lifts are allowed.


This is a routine that is of any other style or a combined number of styles. 3-5 tricks allowed.


This routine contains acrobatic tricks and an equal amount of dance


This routine must showcase interpretive modern movement. Only 2 tricks allowed.

Hip Hop

This routine contains hip hop elements and choreography movement to mainstream music. Up to 3 tricks allowed. Break dancing will not be considered tricks but must have some dance choreography elements as well.

Additional Information

We will be accepting $500 Non refundable deposits to guarantee your spot by November 1st. Early registration deadline is November 30, 2019. Entries must be received and paid for by January 1st. Entries after January 1st will be accepted with a 10% late fee. We will not be accepting any registrations after Jan 15th 2020. Registration rebates are offered for entries received and paid for by early registration deadline. In order to receive the rebates, registrations must total a minimum of $3000. For the successful organization of each competition, these deadlines will be strictly enforced. We will not overbook. Entries will be accepted in the order that they are received. You may register via our website. No faxed entries will be accepted. No paper entries will be accepted. We accept studio cheques, or money orders. All returned cheques will be charged a $25.00 NSF fee. You are not considered registered when we receive a $500 non refundable deposit.

Props are allowed however, they must be free standing and be essential to the
performance. Fire, swords and knives will not be allowed along with confetti, and glitter. Balloons MUST be Weighted security and be checked prior to going on stage. Liquids of any kind are not allowed on stage (this includes excessively wet hair, body paint, bubbles or any other liquid that would create an unsafe dance surface). Foreign substances that would create an unsafe dance surface are not allowed on stage (such as sand, baby powder or chalk dust). No special backdrops or lighting changes will be allowed. You may not use smoke or fog machines. No loose debris may be thrown from the stage. If the stage is littered (feathers, leaves, flowers etc.) at any point during the performance, dancers must be prepared to clean it up IMMEDIATELY  following the  performance. If props are to be used, it must be stated on the entry form. Dancers may have help with the placement of heavy props.

**Each studio assumes all risk for the usage of their props and waives Phoenix Dance Competition, it’s representatives, and the competition venue from all liability.
**Please take care when placing props. If the props damage theater property (Marley, backdrop, legs, etc.), that studio will be financially responsible for the damage and the routine will perform for adjudication only.

All Music will be submitted by digital upload. Music uploads must be completed a week before your competition.**Studio owners / Teachers should bring a backup CD or USB.

A tentative schedule will be sent out 2-3 weeks prior to competition date. We will try our absolute best to get those out to you faster. The final schedule will be sent out a week prior to the competition.

The director of Phoenix Dance Competition reserves the right to cancel, add or reduce the days of any scheduled competition. Phoenix reserves the right to move a competition date and venue due to unforeseen circumstances. Phoenix has the right to determine Cash value awards based on number of entries. Phoenix has the right to cancel any competition due to  unforeseen weather circumstances such as flood etc. and refunds will not be given. In the event of injury, refunds will not be allowed. Phoenix has the right to cancel any event due to low entries. Fees will be refunded in this case. Phoenix is not responsible for any lost, damaged or stolen items. No photography and video allowed during the performances. Pics are only allowed during awards. In the event that there are not enough entries for overalls, divisions could be combined. Phoenix reserves the right to all photos and videos for promotional purposes. All competitors should arrive at least one hour prior to performance in case of ahead of schedule. Please keep all designated areas and dressing rooms clean. Anyone seen intentionally abusing the areas will be disqualified.

Upon entering Phoenix Dance Competition, it is agreed that teachers,competitors, parents, and relatives will not hold Phoenix Dance Competition directors, employees, the host facility and all involved in the competition responsible for any damages, loss or personal injury which they may sustain while participating in any activity connected with this competition, no matter how caused, to either spectators or contestants. Dancers compete at their own risk.